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LevelUP was offering an iPad app that helped amateur football clubs record, analyse their games and share the video with their players. Football clubs loved the app, but the company was struggling to get new customers on board.

By talking to prospects, LevelUP learned that most amateur football clubs don't own an iPad, and buying one is a big commitment. To address this problem, we ran a Design Sprint with LevelUP, and together, we came up with a brand new app concept that their customers love.

Defining Strategy

Targeting and positioning

To get to know our users, we went through several rounds of interviews with football clubs, interviewing everyone from players to coaches and managers. Finally, we used that knowledge to build personas for future targeting.

Building a persona

Our ideal customer are tech savvy and ambitious coaches who are good at building relationships with team members and the club's stakeholders. They want to avoid relegation at any cost, and their goal is to turn their hobby into a full-time job.

Creating meaningful and relevant experiences for the user

To make sure that people understand the app, we tested every aspect of the design. From the overall flow of the app to individual screens and actions.

Getting feedback from the users after every revision, not only ensured that we stay on track, but it also turned the users into contributors — generating great ideas and helping us avoid obstacles.

A delightfully simple website

To match the new app design, we created a simple landing page that turns leads into customers. The website will be one of the main touchpoints of the LevelUP brand. It is also a great opportunity to explain the concept a little bit more in depth.

Pixel Perfect on every Screen

Currently, the majority of people does not use the computer to browse the internet. Instead, they are using their phones. Nowadays, having a responsive design is not just nice to have. It's a must!

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